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  The giant catch monkey Movement

This movement is used for basic training which called Ruammai.  The Attacker attacks by throwing of a punch, a kick and the elbow as a suit of fighting.  The defensive defenses by a defense suit of fists, kick and elbows.
  The attacker walks in and throws a left fist to the face.
  The defensive steps left foot forwards, wiped the punch out of the neck by the right arm.

  The attacker throws a right kick followed are punch to the rib.
  The defensive steps backwards by the left foot face to face with the attacker; bends the arm and strikes to the attacker’s ham.

  The  attacker strikes the right swinging elbow to the defensive’s head.
  The defensive turns to be have his BC facing the attacker, bends up the arm against the elbow and steps backward about a half of step.
  If the attacker begins with the right punch do the same as above in the opposite directions.