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  Suppresses the kick or Sweeps the giant Movement
  This movement is the master of the kick’s defense in Muay Thai.  The 
Trainee must have the skillful ness of the usage are the strength and know the rhythms very well.  To suppress the kick uses the elbow-sweeping pass through the attacker’s shin.  If practiced to sweep with the palm until got more skill, might be safer to practice Kon Ruesee Hern.
  The attacker walks in and kicks with the right foot to the defensive’s rib.
  The defensive makes a cross swith and steps for wards with right foot by the “Horse Walked” rhythm.  And push the reight hand to strike at the hand through the tip of foot, then throw the strainght left fist, and hold on the hand guards.
  If the attacker kicks with left foot, do the same as above in the opposite directions.