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   The ascetic fly’s to the sky Movement
  This movement is the master of Mai Muay Thai uses for stopping all to 
The end of fighting (knock out) the trainee must to know how to mix the straign of the attacker’s kicking and the straign of himself to make the efficiency of attacking.
  The attacker walks in and kicks with the right foot to the defensive’s face.
  The defensive bends the body forwords and puts the left hand out to press at the hamstring (close to the knee’ cap).  The mixes the straighten of the attacker’s kicking and the straighten of jumping with both feet, then throws the fist to the attacker’s face or to the tip of the chin.
  If the attacker kicks with the left foot, do the same as above in the opposite directions.  This master movement’s also use for defense the attack from the knee by the same counter but changes from throwing the fist in to throwing the elbow.