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  Defense - fists - kick - elbow
   This master trick is the very important trick use for defense the opponent 
Who is the quickly fighter by throwing the punch kick and elbow continually.  To training is deviled into 3 parts.
  Part one
  The attacker throws the straight left punch to the defensive’s face and steps the left foot forwards.
  The defensive steps the left foot hurriedly forwards close to the attacker’ face.  Wipes the attacker’ left hand out by the right arm.

Part two

  The attacker throws the right foot to the defensive’s rib.
  The defensive hurry to away the body to the back estimates half of the left by stepping the left foot.  Then ducking to throw the right elbow to the right thigh of the attacker

Part three

  The attacker beuds the right arms and throws the elbow to the defensive’s head.
  The defensive quickly bends the arm into his guard to wipe the attacker’s elbow and hurries to away the body and step back wards to the back about a half step.